Welcome to GravitX ($GRX) 🛸

GravitX is an elastic supply token designed to go to the moon and beyond by forever going up. This revolutionnary technology is called AntiGravity Contract. Hold with confidence as the price is guaranteed to rise each hour until we reach $1,337,000 ! It’s as sure as E=mc² ! 🪐

How does it work? 🛰

An elastic supply (or rebase) token works in a way that the circulating supply expands or contracts due to changes in token price.
This increase or decrease in supply works with a mechanism called re-basing. When a rebase occurs, the supply of the token is increased or decreased algorithmically, based on the current price of each token. In some ways, elastic supply tokens can be paralleled with stablecoins.

They aim to achieve a target price, and these re-base mechanics facilitate that. However, the key difference is that rebasing tokens aim to achieve it with a changing (elastic) supply. GRX differs by having an increasing peg price and no positive rebases, making GRX an AntiGravity upcoin. We called this new tech the AntiGravity Contract. 🎆

Abstract 🔭

GRX is the token with the higher rate of rise guarantee in the entire market ! You wont find a faster trip into space, not even with Elon spaceships. The contract mathematically guarantees a constant minimum price increase over time before reaching a ceiling. This process is entirely automatic after the first supply-adjustment is called. ⏳

Tokenomics 🪐

0 %
transaction tax is applied to each transaction (buy or sell) and shared between



to strategically buy back tokens and annihilate them into a blackhole, increasing the price and protecting from volatility



added to liquidity provision to create a solid price floor and secure a portion of the volume for holders.



to marketing budget to support the growth of the GravitX community and make everyone in the cosmos know about us.

Roadmap 🚀


• Initial liquidity locked
• Website launched
• Spacepaper done
• Social account growth
• Presale launched & Sold out
• Airdrop (giveaway) for 10 people
• Shill bots raiding others TG groups
• Promotions in 42 TG groups


• Reddit CMS upvoted/commented
• Launch on Pancakeswap
• Twitter influencers
• Trending on Dextools planned
• Poocoin ads
• CG/CMC application


• Price mathematically guaranteed to rise 12% every 8 hours
• First Mcap target : 10M
• Twitter, youtube influencers
• Private investors AMA
• Press releases
• Coingecko & CMC listing
• Banner ads on high crypto traffic sites
• Telegram AMA


• 2nd MCAP target 50M
• GravitX NFTs
• GravitX NFTs minting platform
• Lifestyle & Celebrity influencer campaign
• Global physical marketing campaign
• Trust Wallet logo

GravitX (GRX) is an elastic supply token built on the Binance Smart Chain. The token is designed to rise in price by a minimum of 12% every 8 hours through rebasing.

Elastic supply tokens have a changing circulating supply. The idea is that instead of price volatility, what changes is the token supply through events called rebases.

The rebasing mechanism adjusts the token circulating supply periodically. Let’s say we have an elastic supply token that aims to achieve a value of 1 USD. If the price is below 1 USD, the rebase reduces the current supply, increasing the value of each token. This is known as a negative rebase.

The rebasing mechanism adjusts the token circulating supply periodically.

Say you had 2 tokens at $1 each and there 100 tokens in existence, then market cap is $100 and you own 2%. After rebase, there are 50 tokens and you own 1, but price is $2. You still own $2 worth of tokens, you still own 2%. If marketcap rises to $200 you have 2x your investment.

Your tokens will never reach zero due to how the rebasing is designed.

Make note of the market cap when you acquire tokens.

When you become a GravitX holder you hold a percentage of the market share. As negative rebases occur, the amount of tokens in your wallet will decrease, but the percentage of the total market share you own will never change (assuming you don’t buy or sell). As the market cap increases, so does the value of your investment.

Due to the nature of the protocol, the price of the coin rebases every 8 hours to the pegged price. If you are holding GravitX in your wallet, you will notice them fluctuating after a rebase. The protocol is designed for token supply to change without the holders having to do anything.